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Ever since I could remember my sister wanted a Great Dane. Not many people you come across say that they would like to own the largest breed out there. There was no talking my sister out of this one. Once she has her mind made up- that’s it. No going back. Well, Kira took the plunge and went out and got a Great Dane in September of ’09. She named her Lola and she is a very good dog. To most dog owner’s having a puppy is a lot of work, but Lola has made things pretty easy for Kira. At least compared to my experiences with having puppies.

My sister always wanted me to take pictures of Lola, and I always said yes, but the winter weather here in Parry Sound makes things some-what difficult to take some great pics outdoors. So spring came around and I had kinda forgotten about taking the pictures, but then a few weeks back I came across Erin Vey. That girl has serious talent for taking pictures of pets! Not only is she an amazing pet photographer, she also owns a Great Dane! Her name is Gracie! This is all so funny because my sister owns a Great Dane, and although her name is Lola, one of my boston terriers name is Gracie! Weird right? So after coming across all of this I felt pretty inspired to go out and take some pics of Lola. So that’s what we did.  Now, I am no Erin Vey, but I was happy with the results and here they are!


Love the light in this shot. Even with the hand in the mouth- I still like it for some reason.


I thought that I would start off by saying… Does something look different? Maybe better?? I’d like to think it looks much better. My old blog, yet again was not cutting it. This brand spankin’ new blog is much better suited for what I am posting. The old blog was not a proper photo blog and every time I uploaded the pics, I pretty much wanted to stick a fork in my eyes because I knew that the pictures looked or could look much better then what they were looking like on the old blog. So, I fixed that pesky little problem I had and now….. Looky, looky, mucho better and problem solved!

Onto some pictures…. Yesterday I had precious little Robert in the studio to take his Newborn pictures. He was a ROCKSTAR! I am not kidding. He was awake for maybe 30 minutes when he first arrived and then once mama Tara fed him and rocked him a little he fell fast asleep and he was good to go for almost 3 hours. Between, picking him up, putting him down, swaddling and un-swaddling him, flipping him on his back and onto his tummy he just slept the whole way through. Both Tara and I couldn’t believe he was so content through it all! He exceeded my expectations and I Thank both Robert and his Parents for letting me shoot this Handsome little man!



  • vicki

    OMG! What a doll of a little boy. Cassie the pictures are amazing..yet again….not that i should be surprised. Im sure his mommy and daddy are so impressed!!!!ReplyCancel

  • Jaime Painter

    OMG!! Cass you did a wonderful job……as always!!
    The quality of these pics is amazing!!
    I’m sure it helps too with such an amazing and adorable little boy!!!
    Awesome job!!! xoxReplyCancel